ELECTRIC SEWER AGE Moon's Milk In Final Phase CD

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The absolute last music ever made with peter christopherson limited in this format to 999 copies packaged in beautiful record sleeve style thickened cardboard numbered 1-999 with insert sleeve containing picture of the moment completion took place . 2007 sessions intended as the final Moon's Milk EP. Moon's Milk (Waxing) 7:36 Moon's Milk (Waning) 8:30 Moon's Milk (Eternal Phase) 7:39 Therebealiensoutthere 6:19 Mastered By – Mark Godwin Producer, Written-By – Danny Hyde, Peter Christopherson Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies in hard gatefold slipcase. Track 4, not listed on the disc itself, dates from 2004. DIVINE FREQUENCY

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