HYIOS Consuetudines CD

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The alluring debut from Leipzig Germany´s Hyios, Consuetudines offers 7 lengthy compositions of cold ritual drones, arching trajectories, and visceral descents into subterranean caverns, where rich, kinetic textures and deep resonant tones move and morph in a fluid, serpentine fashion, sprinkled with the debris of an ancient culture and something more otherworldly and primordial. Leipzig has historically proven to be fertile ground for dark ambient and Consuetudines continues in the fine tradition set forth by such notable acts as Inade and Herbst9. In 6 panel digipak, mastered by Secret Lab. A great new discovery.. MALIGNANT


1 Tephra 7:17     
2 Algor 8:54     
3 Teiwaz 5:00     
4 Crater 4:29     
5 Aquila 8:17     
6 Rex    7:55     
7 Nasjoir 7:48



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