FIRST LAW Beyond IO CD/12inch SET

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The 4th album released as CD/12inch set. The CD album is available as well as single item. Pulsating, hypnotic and deep droning are the key words for this milestone in the vita of First Law. Musical reconnaissances enmeshed in a homogeneous resonance and represents the equilibrium of modulated sound research, electronic songwriting and an not-ending innovative stream of ideas. close your eyes and open your ears and dig deep into a galaxy generated by tonal and artistical visions.


Earthbound 9:20
Nemesis 8:37
Human Beans 11:17
Creating Worlds 9:29
A New Horizon 12:33
Sleepless 12:21
Beyond IO 7:30

Encore 1 10:20
Encore 2 10:17


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