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First new work since 2007 by north german drone project Tarkatak

LIM. 200

The four pieces on / // /// //// were written during travels, moving between places or being on the move. The first rough sketches have been developed further in different situations until they reached the final shape that can be heard on the album. These formations came about after many mood swings and rethinkings. Sometimes, the way to the final results was long, depending o the mood in the very moment, while working on the music. The manifestations on the album are four long drone works combining dense layers and textures with haunted voices, field recordings and piano sketches – truly beautiful and moody.

Tarkatak The end of 1981 was the starting point: punk and the cassette scene made avereything possible. Under the moniker „Der Pilz“ Lutz Pruditsch released first his sound–collages constructed from cut up tape loops and cassette overdubs. The noise stayed with „Der Pilz“, the quietness went to „Tarkatak“, which was birthed with a first cassette release „slow“ in 1999.
Ever since the sources and ways remained the same – listening to, collecting, cutting up, manipulating sounds. The medium became digital, although the tape is is present from time to time. The journey continues further into the deep, unknown, dark and brooding unnameable. To be surrounded by total sound and be fulfilled and lost in it. Tarkatak has released two cassettes, one LP, various 7“s (Drone Rec. a.o., sometimes in collaboration with Klangwart or Deep), CD/Rs (with Anemone Tube and Florian Filsinger), a CD and various digital-only things. Concerts have been played with Troum, A Thousand Vows, Melt Banana, Christina Kubisch, Kapotte Muziek, EA 80, etc.

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