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New project by Austrian Arthur Rosar (former member of Abigor, Walser…). The album is a meditation on freedom from all passions (apatheia) and repentance (metanoia) through fundamental concepts established by early christian mysticism (the desert fathers) with respect to zen buddhism and pre-christian European traditions. An aural guide to force the removal of all illusions and be in total awareness of the eternal now, forging a stillness of the soul, going beyond the mundane. The music is a savvy achievement of total surrender through improvised analog atmospherics and field recordings. Recorded during lent 2016 A.D. by Arthur Rosar with Erik Mayer at Bethlehem, Vienna. 

Artwork by Dehn Sora.

Edition of 300 copies in 4 panel Digipak. 5

 Tracks. Running Time 39:56

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