PREDOMINANCE Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence CD

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Originally released in 2000 the second album of Predominance marked another step further into new dimensions. Pulsating heavy background textures are contrasted by symphonic-monumental and rhythmic proportions, brooding walls of sweeping soundwaves and vocals as well. A deep ambient soundtrack that rises from the very center of a convoluted labyrinth and creates a unique image of ancient myths and extraterrestrial traces. Comes with two bonus tracks Trans-Atlantis and Dust of Lost Paradise from Nord Ambient Alliance V.A. CD. Re-mastered by Andreas Wahnmann. LOKI 26


1 From Ancient Aeons

2 Aurora Borealis

3 Astral Communications

4 Vector Equilibrium

5 If The Last Star Burns Out

6 Once They Arrive

7 Trans-Atlantis (Bonus)

8 Dust Of Lost Paradise (Bonus)

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