NEW RISEN THRONE Same 4xCD digibook

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NEW RISEN THRONE 4 disc Digibook it is a complete collection of all rare albums of the project: "Flowing Ashes" - 2003; "Along Endless Path Of Emptiness" - 2004; "Chants For The Cold And Dying Sun" - 2005 plus early demo material, splits and bonus tracks from compilations. Everything(!), except 3 albums which were released via CMI and Cyclyc Law.  

Aer    4:03
Disjmx    4:13
Prophet    4:27
Prophet (II)    10:20
Disjmx (II)    11:16
Birth Of A New Disciple    9:40
Sad Silent Prostrations Before The Monolith 6:01
Oblivion White Shroud (II) 8:39
Orbiting Gates    10:54
Vision Of Scourge    27:24
Ritual Over Ruin    10:08
Ashes    11:53
Hive 10:21
Reunion    12:03
Locust Embrace    11:43
Path Of Emptiness (I)    9:59
Withered    7:57
Descent    13:19
Path Of Emptiness (II)    10:59
My Light In The Dust, My Mind Within Mazes (V)    12:45
Cold, Dying Sun    5:36
Prophet III    10:18
Rex Verminorum    9:29
Oblivion White Shroud    10:31
Seeds    9:10
Obstruct    10:42
Approaching The Shadows 11:3

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